The ultimate online branding site for student athletes

2/13/2010 - by Nicole M. Anderson at

"...First there was Facebook . . . then there was LinkedIn. . . Let me introduce you to, the ultimate online branding site for student athletes featuring player profiling, athlete networking and scouting services.

The brainchild of visionary Peter Palermo, the site was designed with Peter’s son, a 13-year-old star athlete, in mind. With more than ten years in planning and promoting events in the sports and entertainment industry, Palermo endorses personal branding as an effective strategy for student athletes of all ages. Furthermore, his site provides access for students involved in a wide range of sports as well as students from diverse backgrounds who may not otherwise get noticed through the usual channels. If you are involved in a competitive activity, is the new online community for you. You can also check out other websites that cater to specific sports or types of events and tournaments like All Star Junior Golf Tour, Premier Basketball Report and TCS Rising Stars Events, offering students the opportunity to present their brands to a wider audience."